You no longer have to tolerate a toothache!

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  • We accompany the patient at all stages of treatment, explaining in English all the features and options for solving dental problems
  • If necessary, we help to arrange all documents for insurance companies
  • We have all kinds of dentistry available: Pediatric dentistry, Adult dentistry, Orthodontics and Prosthetics

And most important, unlike a small number of similar clinics, we do not overprice.
Our guiding principle is Quality service can not be cheap, but the quality of service should be high, not the price!
Check your teeth regularly, come to the consultation, do not be afraid and toothache will not upset you. And if you already have a toothache, then come, do not suffer from the pain!

The Clinic is equipped with the latest equipment and special staff are preparing abundant menu that can offer the best method of treatment matching your needs based on the counseling with you.

Preventive Dentistry

From Cure to Care

  • Oral treatment is important to maintain health.
  • The ultimate dental treatment is the prevention of oral diseases.
  • In order to prevent oral diseases, it is important to know your current problem as a first step.
  • In addition, adequate procedures and administration for maintenance of healthy oral hygiene are important.

Greeting from the head dentist

Kuryatnikov Gennadij Semenovich ( The Head Dentist of the Dental clinic )

My name is Gennady. Nice to meet you.

I think many people think that the visiting a dentist in a different country is scarring.

In our clinic, we cherish the relationship of trust with patients by describing the treatment policy.

We treat our clients as individuals and, working together, we develop a clear personal treatment plan to ensure you have healthy and attractive teeth and gums.

Your treatment plan may include cosmetic as well as general dentistry procedures.

Booking an appointment is easy! Our English-speaking Colleague can find an appointment at a time to suit you.

We really care about the well-being and health of our patients and would like you to book an appointment today — we’ll give you a reason to smile!

★ We’ll treat you with kindness and politeness.
★ Easy consultation.
★ We’ll relieve patients’ anxiety in a comfortable atmosphere.