Dental Price

ConsultationConsultation1750 RUB
АnesthesiaАnesthesiaFrom 990 RUB
Сaries TreatmentTreatmentFrom 11500 RUB
PulpitisPulpitisFrom 10000 RUB
Endodontic TherapyTherapyFrom 12000 RUB
Dental RestorationDental RestorationFrom 15000 RUB
Tooth ExtractionFrom 3185 RUB
Dental Crown on Alfa Bio Dental Implant32375 RUB
Dental Crown on Straumann Dental Implant60375 RUB
Alfa Bio Dental Implant39200 RUB
Straumann Dental Implant74025 RUB
Airflow Cleaning9832 RUB
Whitening (complex):
Clox Whitening26119 RUB
Opalescense Whitening21875 RUB
Zoom3 Whitening43750 RUB
Whitening Home Care11139 RUB
OrthodonticsPersonal consultation needed

We always explain price and give different ways to resolve the problem with teeth before start work!